Monday, April 11, 2016

Enjoying History in 2016

By Nina Kendall

It is April and we are well on our way to meeting the #enjoyhistory challenge in 2016. Here are a few of the highlights of our year thus far.

Visit a museum or historic site.
            It was great to get the chance to visit the Center for Human and Civil Rights in Atlanta again. This museum is an engaging collection of sights, sounds and experiences to engage all of the senses. The exhibits weave the words of Martin Luther King, Jr into the complex and compelling images of the period. From segregated Atlanta to the continued quest for civil rights after the death of Dr. King, your move through time and issue to the soundtrack of the past. 
 This time I was lucky enough to tour the museum with my brother. It was his first visit. He too lingered at each historic and human rights exhibit he encountered.

See a documentary or history themed movie.
            Earlier this year, I got the chance to see the movie Race. This drama explores the life of Jessie Owens as he faces the challenges of life in the 1930s and the issues raised by the 1936 Olympics. I had only the most basic knowledge of the story. This movie highlighted the character of Jessie Owens and included the challenges brought by the NAACP and the discord of the Olympic Committee. The complex emotions and varied personalities in this biopic sparked my interest in this event.

Road Trip and Connect with Others who Enjoy History
           Spring Break was great time to take a road trip to St. Augustine, Florida. America’s oldest city is great place to experience early American history. With famous forts and pirate reenactment, history and adventure combine for fun. As I watched pirates attack, my friends and I swapped l stories about historic sites.  This trip was Greek history in Spanish Florida. The St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine is an institution of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. This beautiful site shares the story of the first colony of Greek people who came to America in 1768 and their settlement at New Smyrna. The visit to the shrine and exhibit were free and great addition to our road trip

How have you been enjoying history this year?