Friday, March 5, 2021

Eat Your History on Youtube, part 1of 2

     A big part of my historical interests revolves around food. Food is the great uniter of people from all over the world. Even though cuisines, ingredients, and dishes differ from culture to culture, everybody has to eat, and there are similarities across cultures. Exploring foodways is a great way to learn about a historical period or culture. One can learn about every aspect of life, political, social, and economic.  We have a lot of fun trying new foods and recipes.

    There are several channels on Youtube that take viewers through foods and recipes of different historical periods. One is Tasting History With Max Miller. On Tuesdays, Max cooks an historic recipe and tells the story of the culture. The videos are very interesting and are only 15-18 minutes long. There's not enough time to get bored.

    Great Depression Cooking is another great watch. Unfortunately, Clara, the star, passed away in 2013, but her videos were filmed from 2007-2013, when she was in her 90s. She re-creates recipes from her childhood, during the Great Depression, when mothers had to really be creative.

    Making It Modern " recreates a disgusting vintage recipe and then uses it as inspiration to make a new dish more suitable to modern taste buds" according to the channel's own description. The recipes are vintage mid-20th century, so there is a lot of SPAM and Jell-o, but the makeovers are neat. If you want a cool party theme, go mid-century and use some of these recipes.