Wednesday, December 31, 2014

History Challenge for 2015

Do you have plans to enjoy history more in 2015?
Take the 2015 History Challenge to get started!
  • Pick topics of interest to you and start completing the challenge.
  • Choose the activities that work for you.  
  • Keep track of your progress during the year.
  • Share your accomplishments with the Histocrats using the hashtag #enjoyhistory15 on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
We look forward to seeing what challenges you accept and complete.
As we go through 2015, we will also be sharing our activities and will tweet and blog about our favorites.
Be sure to make the challenge even more enjoyable by sharing it with friends and family. 
We know enjoying more history in 2015 will help make it a great year.
Have a great year and we wish you great success in getting more history into your life!

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