Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sharing History with Others at the Margaret Mitchell House

The Atlanta History Center has a program called Party with the Past that connects professionals with free history events throughout the year. It is an opportunity to get together for history and fun. Recently the Histocrats had the chance to meet a few of their history buddies at the Margaret Mitchell House. It was a nice change of pace to connect with others and learn more about the famed author of Gone With the Wind. This slide show lets you have a peak at the history we enjoyed and shared with our friends.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hunt for History in your Hometown

By Nina Kendall

What makes your hometown unique? Is there a place that everyone knows? Are you from the Fern Capital of the World? Do you live down the street from an important battlefield? Every town has a story to tell. It is the collective story of a place and all those who have lived there. You can find it in what the town has kept and preserved and in what the town has abandoned and destroyed.  The natural and built landscape share a story with you. Do you know what it is?

Americans have a history of moving from place to place. Most Americans will live in many places within their lifetime. Moving to a new place can be exciting. You get a new job, new house, and new things to learn.  Learning about your community whether you are new to town or all your life can be exciting. Enjoying public art can be a great place to start.

Monuments, murals, and statues help to define a place and tell its story. They can reveal what is important to your communities past or celebrate a famous citizen. You can learn about industries of the past, current popular pastimes, or visions of the future. Sometimes you can simple see how the place was used in the past.  If you have been lucky enough to enjoy a cow parade, you have seen local public art highlight the facets of your community and its history.
What public art is in your community? It is time to find  out. Take a  trip for yourself or create a scavenger hunt for your kids.  Enjoy the vistas of your hometown and learn about the history of your community. Share what you find with us on twitter @Histocrats using the hashtag #hometownhistory.
Enjoy these examples of public art. Can you guess what state they are from?