Friday, October 18, 2013

GCSS Conference 2013

by Nina Kendall

What a fun week! The Histocrats have just returned from the 2013 Georgia Council for the Social Studies (GCSS) Conference and are very excited. It was great to see so many colleagues be recognized for their great work and share our passion for teaching history with others. Two Histocrats, Dr. Margaret Duncan, and Nina Kendall presented at GCSS.  


Dr. Duncan presented Gaming 101: How to Effectively Incorporate Tabletop Games into the Classroom to a packed house. She showed teachers how board games can be used to facilitate learning in the classroom.  Using Assasin’s Creed as an introduction, she drew teachers into a discussion of engaging all students in meaningful ways in the classroom. Whether students build train routes across the U.S. in Ticket to Ride, manage resources building a wondrous medieval cathedral in Pillars of the Earth, or dominating the marketplace in Monopoly; they can learn from cooperative games. Teachers were excited about the possibilities. She offered great advice about how to get started in your school. You can find her advice and more on our page.


I presented Players of the Past: Using Art, Drama, and Primary Sources to improve Understanding. I shared ways to use the lenses of art, drama, and music to explore the past. I love using art and music in the classroom. We discussed using visual thinking strategies and places to find art. It can be used to help students better understand events and the role of individuals. We also looked at using literacy strategies like one sentence summaries as formative assessment. Find art, drama, and literacy ideas here on our page.